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March 16, 2017 

My Year Highlights


Have just finished 10 months of filming on WILL a new 10 part TV series by TNT about William Shakespear drected by Shakhar Kapur written by Craig Pearce. I'm playing Tye Brewster an actor at the Globe theatre company. The series is released in the summer of 2017.


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February 21, 2016

My Year Highlights


Last year finished with a bang with one of my personal favourite treats the Johan Strauss Gala Tour which took us gently into 2016. We have just had our final London show at the the Royal Festival Hall. A very enthusiastic audience supported us through this music, song, dance and comedy spectacular. Choreographed and directed by the fantastic Alexandra Worrall, lead by the very funny conductor/comedian Rainer Hersch, with songs by the amazing soprano Samantha Hay and dancing by our lovely cast of my friends Julianne Rice-Oxley, Damien Lee Stirk, Lauren Poulton, Ashley Bain and Lucy Burns the show also featured the talented musicians of the Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Earlier last year I had a sensational time working alongside the brilliant Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph on an episode of the new series of this BBC favourite, now ITV, Birds of A Feather. I played Conrad a human rights lawyer from Lithuania who comes to work in the kitchen with Sharon. The episode was directed by Martin Dennis, We rehearsed it over a period of a week and then performed in front of a life studio audience.

My film highlight last year was traveling to Casablanca, Morocco to work on Damascus Cover alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Olivia Thirlby under the direction of director Daniel Zelik Berk. In this thriller that follows an Israeli spy in a film which portrays the reality of espionage in the Middle East and Europe, based on real events in the late 80s, I play a Russian journalist Dmitry.

April 27, 2015

Take The Lead - Workshop 1


In collaboration with Dorota Zimnoch, I am about to announce our first Leadership workshop. In our program we employ basic "lead and follow" principles used by dance partners on the dance floor to tackle many challenging day to day situations successfully; at home and at work. Borrowing from my experience in a variety of dance forms, I enjoy helping students find their confidence inside as well as outside the studio. My goal is to transfer the mental and physical benefits of dance into other areas of life.
Actors are trained to deliver powerful and impactful performances using their words and actions while directors utilise their ability to tell stories and move audiences in theatre and on screen. I would like to share some of these special techniques and exercises used by the industry's leading directors and actors to improve public speaking skills, add confidence in delivering presentations and help in coping with stress in general.
We have been dancing and performing with Dorota Zimnoch, an experienced entrepreneur and keen dance enthusiast, for the last three years. Our diverse backgrounds greatly contributed to our creative process. It was the success of our partnership which inspired us to create the "Take The Lead" program.

December 2014 - February 2015

Celebrating 40 Years JOHANN STRAUSS GALA


This year Johann Strauss Tour extended it's long list of venues by travelling abroad. We have celebrated the show's 40 years run by performing in Istambul, Turkey.

July 2014

Arthur Pita's World's Greatest Show - The never-ending dance marathon of 1935


Have recently finished work on the incredible production of The World's Greatest Show, a dance-theatre work exploring the compelling and disturbing phenomenon of 1930 's dance marathons during the American depression; human endurance contests where couples danced almost non-stop for hundreds of hours competing for prize money. The longest recorded marathon lasted for 3,780 hours. Choreographed by Arthur Pita with original music by Frank Moon.
It follows the Dance Marathon R&D at Greenwich Dance in June 2013, where we danced for 100 hours keeping to the original marathon rules. It was challenging yet incredible for the 10 performers involved to have the chance to experience this historic pehenomenon before embarking on a journey of telling this story. Truely unforgettible experince of team work lead by Arthur Pita's skillful vision and expertise!

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January-Febuary 2014

Have successfully finished another annual tour of The Johann Strauss Gala choreographed and directed by the brilliant Alexandra Worall visiting more then 25 venues around the UK and Ireland.
Lead by the conductor/comedian Rainer Hersch, this production was a great winter highlight. Looking forward to reuniting with the fantastic cast of friends next year!